All About Linda

I am a card-carrying member of the “Baby Boomer” generation. The generation of perpetual discontent.

My father was at Pearl Harbor and fought in the Korean war. I was born somewhere in between the two.

No, I did not attend Woodstock. I’ve always been a late bloomer; more out of fear than anything else.

I am a writer of inspirational fiction including my latest yet-to-be published works Flames of Vengeance and Wind Rider.

So, why did I pick the title for my blog “A Novel Prospective : From the Mountain Top”?

 I’ve existed on this planet for 65 years. I’ve been married several times; divorced twice; widowed; seen my children through many heartaches including teen pregnancy; car wrecks; drug addiction; breakups and divorce. I’ve seen them through the beautiful, also tear-filled moments, of high school graduation, college graduation, weddings and births. I’ve experienced joy from the highest heights and grief from deepest despair.  I spent over 45 years employed in corporate America sacrificing hours of my time and my soul to various employers. In February 2011 I was able to retire and pursue my passion of writing for The Lord.

I have reached my “Mountain Top”. Now, I hope to bring a bit of wisdom, encouragement and laughter to my fellow Women of Wisdom over 60.

So come along and let’s see what Granny has to say about . . .

Blessings to all who visit here.


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